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Ultra-fit Personal Training, as seen on 

My name is Henry Morris. I am an ultra-marathon runner and personal trainer, originally from Yorkshire, but now based in North London. I have a of helping my clients achieve fantastic results.

I make personal training  very fun and where necessary, inspirational.

This time ten years ago I was extremely unfit and unable to run for longer than 20 minutes at a time. In 2012  I completed my first , something which I had previously believed was physically impossible. To date I have completed over 30 ultra- marathons. Highlights include:

The ,  a high level traverse of 60 miles on rugged moorland, entirely self-navigated. It’s brutal.

The , 110 miles and 25,000ft of ascent, non-stop, around the North Yorkshire Moors. I’ve finished this twice. It’s beaten me more than that!

Running the coastline in under 4 days, sleeping en route. 180 miles and 30,000ft of ascent, more than Everest. Fun.

I train people looking to lose weight and improve body-composition, whilst I offer more  for endurance sport enthusiasts; I also organise . But whether or not you want to shed 6 stone, nail a triathlon, take your training to the next level, or complete your first ever ultra-marathon for charity, I will devise you a plan that gets results. As an athlete, I train my clients like I train myself. It’s hard work, but it’s fun and .

You can exercise on your own or with a friend and pay as you go or block book sessions at discounted .

I am based in North London. For a more detailed description of what’s involved and how much it all costs, please visit .

For an informal, no-obligation chat or to discuss personal training, prices or plans, please feel free to contact me on 07817 317 203. You can also e-mail me at henry@ultra-fit.me


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