Marlborough Downs Challenge 33 Miles – 10/5/2015

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The Marlborough Downs Challenge passes through 33 miles of stunning Wiltshire countryside. The taxing route takes in 3000 feet of ascent, crosses chalk downland, prehistoric trails and the two highest points in Wiltshire.

My mates Robbie and Tim, and my brother Ed were also running. After spending the previous day celebrating nephew Sam’s 8th birthday with swimming, pizza and an exhaustion-related tantrum, we assembled at the start in Marlborough. The element ‘marl’ in the town’s name allegedly refers to the chalk hills in the immediate vicinity, although place-name specialists say otherwise – early forms like Mærle beorg possibly meaning something like ‘Mærle’s hill’. Either way, it is a pleasure to run in this unique rolling chalk landscape and as we stood in the grounds of Marlborough College, under the shadow of the Preshute White Horse I looked forward to what I hoped would be a pleasant day out. Robbie, who had played 80 minutes of rugby league the previous day, and Ed looked to be in a similar state of mind, while Tim, who was on the threshold of his first ultra, was doing a brilliant impression of somebody entirely un-phased by the proceedings.

Preshute White Horse

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  1. Nick Ham says:

    Excellent report as always. I can’t believe that blister. Bare feet in shoes should cause less damage than that. Is your shoe faulty or did your foot slide around in it? Well done for finishing in that time with that ‘orrible thing.

  2. […] photos are on Flickr here.  Henry Morris has written an account on his blog and that’s here, but beware the gory photo of his megablister!  The race was won by Nathan Montague in a time of […]

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