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I am an ultra-marathon runner who this time seven years ago was unable to run for longer than 20 minutes at a time. In June 2015 I ran the 180 mile Pembrokeshire Coastal Path under my own steam. I work as a personal trainer in Kentish Town, Highgate and Hackney.

By 2007 I had become extremely unfit. Too much socialising, eating, drinking and smoking combined with next to no exercise had seen my weight reach 16 stone. I was a lazy lump and so sick of it I went for a run. Fifteen minutes later I was back home on the sofa, sweating, wheezing and too exhausted to contemplate whether or not a 24-year-old taking over fifteen minutes to run less than a mile was good or bad.

Fast forward to 2am on June 3rd 2012 and I’m at the finish line of the Hardmoors 110 mile ultra marathon in Filey, North Yorkshire, having just run 113 miles with 19,000 ft of accumulated ascent in 33 hours. In just over 5 years, I took myself from being unable to run 1 mile, to being able to run over 100. If you think your fitness challenge is too big, think again. I am proof that anything is possible.

I made a decision to get fit and stuck to it. I know first hand the hard work that is involved in realising your goals, which puts me in the ideal position to help you do the same. If you’d like to discuss that, give me a call today.

British Indoor Rowing Championships

British Indoor Rowing Championships

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Hardmoors 60 - 2016

Hardmoors 60 – 2016

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Swim the Solent

Swim the Solent

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