Personal Training

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  1. Make training fun and enjoyable
  2. Gain expert insight and advice from a seasoned ultra-marathon runner
  3. Double your chances of reaching your objectives
  4. Enable you to reach your objectives rapidly
  5. Capitalise on your full potential by working to your strengths and with your weaknesses
  6. Get you back on track when you are feeling low…
  7. … and give you the motivation you need to train to your limit
  8. Provide clear assessments on your progress toward your goals
  9. Lead you through types of training you would never tackle alone
  10. Offer a reassuring presence


British Indoor Rowing Championships

British Indoor Rowing Championships

  I’ve been dealing with a bit of tendonitis in my right knee since the summer and post the Hardmoors […]

Hardmoors 60 - 2016

Hardmoors 60 – 2016

In 2012 I almost completed the Hardmoors Grand Slam – a series of ultra-marathons consisting of the Hardmoors 30, Hardmoors 55, Hardmoors […]

Swim the Solent

Swim the Solent

  Way back in early July, I swam the Solent on behalf of Bestival, the grand old festival on the […]


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