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11 Dec 2010 by Henry, No Comments »

Every April since as far back as I can remember, I watched the London marathon on television and thought to myself ‘I wish I could do that’, before dismissing the idea and returning to my hangover, or a fry-up or a cigarette or bed … or whatever it was that was most pressing that morning.

Running 26.2 miles was beyond my comprehension.

Last year I ran the marathon distance more than 10 times. In doing so I made commonplace what I once thought was impossible. You might not want to make marathon running commonplace, but if you want to get 26.2 miles under your belt and achieve something that less than one per cent of the UK and US population have managed, than I want to help you do it. I know how to get you to the finish line. But more importantly, I know how to get you to the start. It is not the marathon that’s the really hard work; it is the months of training you put in beforehand that enable you to cover the really hard yards.

With my help you can join the elite group who can proudly stand up and say that they have completed a marathon.

Give me a call.

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