Ultra Training Breaks

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I offer a comprehensive ultra marathon training weekend for first time competitors.  The course is ideal for beginner and improving ultra distance athletes to help boost their confidence and learn about the common mistakes and pitfalls (sometimes literally) encountered by ultra athletes. The break accommodates one two or three people so you can have all the attention focussed on yourself, or train with friends and turn it into a social experience.

Running an ultra is very different to the demands of a normal marathon. The associated risks of competing in these tough events are serious and the decision to enter your first one should not be undertaken lightly. But the rewards of completing your first ultra are manifold and with the correct attitude and proper training I firmly believe the rigours of the event are not beyond anyone.

Staying at the beautiful Inn at Hawnby on the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors you will spend two days training on and around the Cleveland Way. Over two days, you will receive a crash course in ultra running strategies and techniques whilst running on some of the most inspiring landscapes in the UK. You will also receive a personalised and comprehensive training plan.

A flexible itinerary works as follows:

Day one:

  • 2pm onwards – Check-in
  • 5pm – ultra specific outdoor cross training session, approximately 1 hour
  • 7-9pm – locally sourced evening meal
  • Sleep

Day two:

  • 7-9am – breakfast
  • 10.30am – 33 mile training run to include hydration and nutrition strategies and discussion of psychology, equipment, pacing and tactics, approximately 6 hours
  • 4.30pm – post race nutrition
  • 5-7pm – wash and rest
  • 7-9pm – locally sourced evening meal
  • Sleep

Day three:

  • 7-8am – breakfast
  • 9am – recovery run
  • 10am – dynamic leg stretching
  • 11am – sit down to discuss everything we’ve done, your training plan and to tackle any unanswered questions
  • 12.30pm – lunch (if required)
  • 1-2pm – checkout

Don’t worry if you are forgetful. With your training plan, you will receive an Ultra Fit step by step guide to completing your first ultra that will cover everything we have discussed over the two days.


One person – £650

Two people – £1000

Please contact me via the website or ring 07939 393282 to discuss booking arrangements and dates.

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